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  • Highly specific quantitation of DNA
  • Sensitive to low nanogram per mL levels of DNA
  • Assay tolerates RNA and protein contaminants

  • Detailed Description

    AMRESCO's Fluorescent DNA Quantitation Kit uses the fluorescent bisBenzimide H33258 dye to bind to AT sequences of the minor groove of double-stranded DNA. In the assay, the sample is excited at 360 nm and when the dye binds to dsDNA an emission spectrum at 460 nm is produced. AMRESCO'€™s Fluorescent DNA Quantitation Kit can be used to quantify dsDNA in the low nanogram per mL (10 ng/mL) range, up to 5 microgram per mL (5 µg/mL). This assay can also tolerate RNA or protein contamination that may be present in crude extracts.

    Kit includes:
    Fluorescent DNA Assay Buffer, 10X, 200 ml
    Fluorescent DNA Dye, 250 µl
    Fluorescent DNA Standard, 1 ml
    Contains sufficient reagents for 750 x 2 ml reactions.

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