E.Z.N.A.® DNA Probe Purification

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Fast and reliable purification of DNA from random-prime

The E.Z.N.A.® DNA Probe Purification Kit is a convenient system for fast and reliable purification of DNA from random-primed or nick-translation labeling reactions. Salts, enzymes and free label (radioisotopic or not) are effectively removed to yield pure DNA probes.Binding conditions are adjusted by addition of a specially formulated buffer, and the sample is applied to a HiBind™ DNA spin-column. Following two rapid wash steps, DNA is eluted with deionized water (or low salt buffer) and ready for other applications. No organic extractions or alcohol precipitations means safe and rapid processing of multiple samples in parallel. The product may directly be used in any hybridization reaction. In addition the kit can be used to purify DNA from other enzymatic reactions.

  • Speed -€“ DNA recovery from labeling reactions <15 min
  • Reliability -€“ optimized buffers guarantee pure DNA
  • Safety -€“ No organic extractions
  • Quality - DNA suitable for all hybridization protocols
  • Convenience-€“ DNA eluted in small volumes unlike gel filtration
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