DNA » Purification / Isolation Kits - K179 CYCLO-PREP™ PLASMID DNA PURIFICATION KIT

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  • Spin column format
  • Safe alternative to phenol-based products
  • Isolate up to 15µg per ml of E. coli culture in 15 minutes

Detailed Description

The Cyclo-Prep™ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is a spin column-based kit for rapid purification of plasmid DNA from 1-2 ml liquid cultures. The DNA isolated from Cyclo-Prep™ is suitable for automated fluorescent sequencing, PCR, in vitrotranscription, transformation and restriction enzyme digestion. All reagents can be stored at room temperature and the protocol is easily performed using a pipettor and a bench-top microcentrifuge. Kit includes: Lysis Solution, 10 ml, Neutralizing Solution, 10 ml, Wash Buffer, 80 ml, Spin Columns, 50, and Collection Tubes, 50. Contains sufficient material for 50 mini-preps.

Appearance (Wash Buffer) (P/F)
pH @25C (Lysis Solution)
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