Alliance Mini

Alliance Mini - Chemiluminescence

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Alliance Mini

Pure chemiluminescence

Stand alone Western blot imaging

  • Ideal for high sensitivity demanding applications such as Western blot, Luciferase assay & bio-chemiluminescence
  • Super high sensitivity and low noise
  • 16-bit pixel depth (65 536 grey levels)
  • Dynamic range up to 4.8 orders of magnitude
  • 4 megapixels
  • Scientific grade CCD camera
  • 1.1 inch sensor for the Mini 4
  • Cooling -46°C absolute

Camera and optics
4 Megapixels
16-bit performance (65 384 grey levels)
Dynamic range: 4.8 OD
Extreme sensitivity

  • Scientific grade CCD camera
    Extreme sensitivity and 1.1 inch sensor
    Patent pending UVI-VIEW camera technology
    12 wavelenght ilumination options
    Extremely bright fixed lens (f:0,95)
    Cooling minus 45°C for the lowest noise. Additional twin cooling system
    Alliance 1D software
    "One touch" fully automated image acquisition program
    Image enhancement, annotation and illustration.
    3 image analysis modules:
    - 1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity, …)
    - Colony counting
    - Distance calculation (RF, IEF, …)

  • Darkroom
    Steel and stainless steel darkroom
    Epoxy-painted for chemical resistance
    Black body imaging grade
    Multi-positions filter wheel
    8-watt build-in roll-out transilluminator
    UV timer & security switch
    12 wavelengths illumination options

    Biofluorescence and multiplexing ready - optional Epi-Bright Multiwavelength epi-illumination source

    Alliance Mini4
    Fully featured and upgradable

    Say no to plastic! Steel and stainless steel darkroom. Epoxy-painted for chemical resistance.
    Black body imaging grade darkroom.
    Smart control panel with UV security option. UV security timer. Build-in roll-out transilluminator
    Multi- positions filter wheel to cover virtually all applications
    Biofluorescence and multiplexing ready

    Alliance Mini2
    Cost effective solution

    Steel and stainless steel darkroom. Epoxy-painted for chemical resistance.
    Black body imaging grade
    Build-in roll-out transilluminator. UV timer & security switch

    White light epi-illumination. Filter wheel

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