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Replacement ultraviolet tubes - Accessories

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UVItec can supply a full range of ultraviolet tubes to fit most available models of UV transilluminator and UV lamp, plus other UV devices. We specialise in rapid delivery from extensive stocks. We also offer discounts for purchase of multiple (5+) tubes.
In addition to those listed in the table, we can also supply larger UV tubes of up to 40W including short wave (254nm) germicidal tubes.
Please contact us for details, or see our web site for a complete list.


T4S 4W 254
T4LN 4W 365 BLB
T6L 6W 365
T6S 6W 254
T6M 6W 312
T6LN 6W 365 BLB
T6LS 6W 254 BLB
T8L 8W 365
T8S 8W 254
T8M 8W 312
T8LN 8W 365 BLB
T15L 15W 365
T15S 15W 254
T15M 15W 312
T15LN 15W

365 BLB 

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