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Ultraviolet viewing cabinet

Efficiency & simplicity

CV 415 cabinet
Professional unit for effective viewing with power intensity unequalled in this field.

Incorporates 4 x 15Watt UV tubes plus one 40Watt white light bulb
Any single or dual wavelength combination of 254, 312 and 365nm wavelengths
Easy control switch operation for each wavelength
Versatile: simply change the tubes when a new wavelength is required
Removable base panel enabling positioning above a standard transilluminator
Viewing port with UV absorbing filter

Applications of CV cabinets:
Reading chromatograms (paper or TLC)
Fluorescent analysis in Biology, Chemistry and Forensics
Industrial and electronic quality control
Can also be used for applications in Geology and Mineralogy

CV006 cabinet
An economic solution to laboratory inspection of fluorescent samples.

Compact, lightweight, versatile and efficient
Can hold one or two UVIlite, 6W UV lamps
Choose from 254, 312 or 365nm wavelength
Strong, lightweight design with black curtain
Viewing port with UV absorbing filter

Model Description Tubes nm µW/cm2
CV 415LL long wave 4 x 15W 365 2000
CV 415SS short wave4 x 15W 254 1750
CV 415MMmid wave 4 x 15W 365 1800
CV 415LMlong / mid 2 x 15W2 x 15W 365312 1050970
CV 415MS mid / short 2 x 15W2 x 15W 312254 970900
CV 415LS long / short 2 x 15W2 x 15W 365254 1050 900
CV 015W white light 40W bulb white light
CV 006 mini cabinet 1 or 2 6W lamps (not supplied)

All versions of CV 415 fitted with 1 x 40Watt white light bulb 

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