UVIdoc HD5

UVIdoc HD5 - Gel documentation

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UVIdoc HD5 The stand alone system with computer performance

UVIdoc HD5
The all-inclusive stand-alone

The stand-alone system with computer performance

Cutting edge performance
Stand-alone: no additional computer needed

Ideal for multi-user environments

Network capability
4 USB ports
1.4 megapixels
Saturation monitoring of the live image
16-bit pixel depth

Enables you to do the job in the lab and download your image from the comfort of your office thanks to the easy-share network connection. This protects your office from ethidium bromide contamination that a USB key could cause. The UVIdoc HD5 just needs to be installed onto a local network, allowing fast and easy access to image already stored in the system's huge internal memory.
The unique 12-bit performance delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio, producing perfect imaging for both quantification and publication.
The complimentary UVIdoc 1D software provides a comprehensive set of image acquisition, enhancement and analysis tools. From molecular weight to colony counting, UVIdoc 1D is perfect for both analysis and gel annotation and editing.

Camera and optics
Scientific Sony chip CCD camera with electronically variable shutter speed
1.4 megapixels
Massive 16-bit imaging for enhanced dynamic (65 535 grey levels)
Dynamic range: 4.0 OD
Super-high sensitivity
4 positions filter wheel

Imaging controls

Super large buily-in 8" TFT LCD display
Exposure time adjustment
Saturation warning
USB media drive
Network connectivity

UVIdoc HD5 1D software
Image enhancement, annotation and illustration.
3 image analysis modules:
- 1D Molecular weight (MW, volume, intensity, …)
- Colony counting
- Distance calculation (RF, IEF, …)

Transilluminator UV surface: 26x21 or 20x20cm
UV-PURE transilluminator or standard transilluminator.
Single or dual wavelength available
UV to white light or UV to blue conversion screen
Advanced UVI-Band or UVI-BandMap software

UVIdoc HD5
The all inclusive stand alone

The stand alone gel documentation with computer performance

Extra large 8" LCD display
Integrated imaging control unit with USB media drive
Say no to plastic! Steel and stainless steel darkroom. Epoxy-painted for chemical resistance
Black body imaging grade darkroom
Smart control panel with UV security option
UV security timer
Buil-in roll-out transilluminator
White light epi-illumination
4 positions filter wheel to cover virtually all applications

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