AN-96/95 Embalming Station

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Shandon™ AN-96/95 Embalming Station

Move cadavers from transport cart to embalming station without lifting the tray using the body tray roller system of the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ AN-96/95 Embalming Station, a proprietary sink/table combination that includes specialized accessories required for embalming and an excellent fume-capturing capability.


  • 1″ (2.54cm) high exhaust slots and ducts on each side converge under the unit to quickly pull formaldehyde and other fumes down and away from the operator
  • AN-96 Sink provides sturdy platform to hold embalming machine
  • Body tray roller system on AN-95 Table allows user to move cadaver from transport cart to embalming station without lifting tray
  • Sink is outfitted with one set of 48″ (122cm) double-tube fluorescent lights (UL-rated for damp locations), as well as hot and cold water fixtures with wrist-blade handles; emergency eyewash is provided as a standard feature
  • Deluxe hydro-aspirator with reverse flow feature on sink comes with control valve, vacuum breaker and plastic tubing; vacuum breakers protect potable water supply
  • Hand spray assembly on sink comes with spray nozzle, on/off control and flexible spray hose; control valve located on backsplash controls water pressure
  • Specified point-of-use electrical GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) receptacles are provided on 110-120V units; interrupts electrical supply when ground fault occurs to protect user against electrical shock
  • Specified point-of-use electrical receptacles are provided on 220-240V units; does not protect against shock, but is ready for customer connection to an RCD (residual current device) which does protect against shock; specific receptacle option must be selected at time of order


  • Standard AN-95 unit is a stationary table without casters; also available as an optional movable table with casters (specify casters when placing order), the same ventilation and quick-disconnect features for ventilation ducting, electric power and table rinse
  • Separately sold tabletop consists of a No. 82619 body tray over a roller system; for applications not requiring a drain, the No. 82618 body tray may be used
  • All welds utilize only stainless steel as a filler medium; all visible welds are ground smooth and regrained to match finish
  • Acoustic coating is applied to the underside of AN-96 units to deaden sound and prevent condensation, and then sealed with silver enamel paint
  • All plumbing and electrical work is completed at the factory and tested prior to shipment
  • All external plumbing parts are brass with a heavy chrome-plating finish
  • Units can be customized to meet your specifications

Ordering Information:

  • AN-96 Sinks can be fitted with gas or air cocks (specify when ordering); also compatible with optional No. 1320 Analog Post-Mortem Scale or No. 1330 Digital Post-Mortem Scale (requires scale support bracket)
  • Movable AN-95 Tables are available with casters
  • Optional grid plates may be used on AN-95 tabletops as a work surface for dissection
  • Standard body trays sold separately (No. 82618 or No. 82619)

Installation Requirements (by customer):

  • 110-120V, 60Hz, 1Ph and 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1Ph units available

Power Supply:

  • One circuit for electrical receptacles
  • One circuit for lights and disposal
  • Liquid-tight junction box
  • Conduit connectors

Inlet Plumbing Supply:

  • One cold water supply, 0.75″ (1.9cm) hard copper
  • One hot water supply, 0.5″ (1.3cm) hard copper

Waste Plumbing Supply:

  • One standard, 1.5″ (3.8cm) copper waste line
  • Drain trap, if required


  • 0.5hp disposal included on models 11496 and 1149622 only
  • Use is prohibited in some areas; consult building codes prior to ordering a disposal


  • Recommended exhaust airflow volume: 1000-1200cfm (0.47 to 0.57cu. m/s).
  • Approx. pressure drop: 1.98 to 2.86″ w.g. (4.93 - 7.12mb), not including losses due to customer duct work

# 1149522, AN-95 Table 220/240V, Price: 14703.51 euro

# 1149622, AN-96 Sink with disposal 220/240V, Price: 25179.14 euro

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