Cytospin™ 4 Cytocentrifuge

Gain all the advantages of the ultimate thin-layer cell preparation system with the Thermo Scientific™ Cytospin™ 4 Cytocentrifuge. This reliable benchtop centrifuge provides economical thin-layer preparations from any liquid matrix, especially hypocellular fluids such as spinal fluid and urine.

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Centrifuga pentru citologie tip Cytospin 4 | >> Papspin Kit (100 Tests)

Capacitate de procesare de 12 probe simultan

Accepta toate protocoalele de la Cytospin 1, 2 and 3

Ferestra de vizualizare a probelor in timpul functionarii

Proiectata pentru dezinfectie usoara atat a incintei cat si ainterfetei

Alarmare in cazul debalansarii sau in cazul variatiilor de viteza

Permite utilziarea de camere de centrifugare de unica folosinta

Permite depunerea celulelor prin centrifugare pe lame de sticla

Memorie pentru 23 de programe

Plaja de viteze 200 - 2000 rpm

Trei butoane de accelerare

Timp de lucru programabil 1-99 minute

Functie de salvare energie

Dimensiuni 40.5 x 24 x 62cm

Greutate 12 kg


Centrifuga Cytospin 4

rotor cu inchidere etansa (59910018)

marker (AP14891)

manual de utilizare (A78310250)

carte service (A78410106)

diagrama de lucru (A783-1001)

Disciplines That Use the Cytospin

Cytology• Still the gold standard for Non-Gynecological Cytology, especiallyhypocellular fluids.• Many types of collection fluids and funnel options to choose from.• Quality presentation at a fraction of the cost of other "thin-layer"technologies.• Prepares both "air-dried" and "fixed" specimens.

Microbiology• Micro-organisms are often present in low numbers from limited samplevolumes. Cytocentrifugation effectively spins the micro-organisms ontothe slide, maximizing the yield and presenting those organisms in a clean,defined area, allowing for straightforward morphological identification.• Only a small sample volume is needed so multiple samples may be runfor a variety of special staining and support testing. It also concentratessamples for Gram stains.

Hematology/Oncology• Easy to achieve a constant cell/unit volume.• Excellent for all fluids, bone marrow, and peripheral blood.• Even with a cell count of "zero," the Cytospin often locates the few cellsin the fluid that the counter missed.

Virology• There are many published technical papers utilizing the Cytospin for therapid detection of respiratory viruses, CMV Detection, ISH, FISH, etc.

Research/General Use• The most cost-effective, time-effective way to make qualitythin-layer cell presentations.• Excellent for molecular studies, specialized staining applications, and EM.• Used in veterinary, dental and chemosensitivity protocols.

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