Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor

Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor

Get the superb tissue quality and proven reliability you expect, plus a safer, more efficient working environment, with the Thermo Scientific™ Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor which provides exceptional and enhanced tissue quality with minimal user interaction.

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Introducing the Thermo Scientific Excelsior AS tissue processor

See how the Excelsior AS produces unsurpassed tissue quality with significant reagent cost savings, workflow efficiency and labor savings

See how the Excelsior AS produces unsurpassed tissue quality with significant reagent cost savings, workflow efficiency and labor savings

Enhanced tissue quality

  • Cassette baskets are gently rotated inside the circular chamber, providing more effective agitation than an impeller
  • Reagents can be pre-heated to up to 35°C, minimizing tissue shock and facilitating reagent penetration

Significant reagent cost savings

  • Alcohol quality measurement enables you to extend your reagent life and provides significant cost savings
  • Automatic reagent rotation further extends reagent life using a proven system

Streamline workflow and increase productivity

  • Reduce maintenance time by replacing one bottle of each reagent, rather than all of them
  • Draw new reagents directly into the processor from your supplier's bottles - no pouring, no mess, and no fumes
  • Run rapid biopsies during the day and conventional programs overnight
  • Compatible with IPA xylene - free processes as well as conventional reagents

Safe for the tissue - safe for the operator

  • When the chamber is opened, a fan pulls fumes through a filter to protect users from formaldehyde exposure
  • Fumes from the cabinet are also extracted through filters to protect users from alcohol, xylene, and formaldehyde
  • Waste paraffin can be removed by simply discarding a plastic tray - no paraffin spillage and burns
  • Power outages are no longer a concern; Excelsior keeps your tissue safe with battery backup

So simple to learn and operate

  • The all-new touch-screen interface is intuitive and easy-to-learn
  • With intelligent software, it's easier to avoid mistakes that affect tissue quality

Engineered for reliability and peace of mind

  • The Excelsior AS Tissue Processor reflects engineering enhancements based on more than 10 years of service history

Infomatics to integrate the laboratory and simplify reporting

  • A full range of reports is available for routine logging, quality assessment, statutory reporting and trouble shooting
  • Reports are easily downloaded via a USB drive
  • Messages can be sent automatically to the laboratory information system
  • Remote alarms ensure that any problems are immediately addressed
  • Thermo Scientific™ NetMon™ II monitoring system allows remote diagnostics over a HIPPA compliant, secure internet connection for immediate identification and resolution
Specimen Agitation Type Rotary
No. of Processing Chambers 1
Reagent Capacity 5L
Width (English) 28 in.
Width (Metric) 710mm
Depth (English) 23 in.
Depth (Metric) 580mm
Height (English) 54 in. (top of monitor)
Height (Metric) 1370mm (top of monitor)
Weight (English) 363 lbs. (empty) 551 lbs. (full)
Weight (Metric) 165 kg (empty) 250 kg (full)
Voltage 100-240V
Hertz 50/60Hz

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Innovation in tissue processing - unmatched tissue quality

Excelsior AS Tissue Processor (Brochure - pdf)

Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor Accessories

Maintain the Thermo Scientific™ Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor with Thermo Scientific Excelsior AS Tissue Processor Accessories.

A78410025, Organized basket, 6 sections; total 222 cassettes, 148.73 Euro

A78410101, Operator Guide
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