Genetically Modified Organisms

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Agriculturally important plants are often genetically modified by the insertion of DNA material from outside the organism into the plant's DNA sequence, allowing the plant to express novel traits that normally would not appear in nature, such as herbicide or insect resistance. Seed harvested from GMO plants will also contain these modifications and are analyzed by reference and rapid test methods.

GMO reference test methods are polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests that typically are performed in well-equipped routine test laboratories, such as Romer Labs’ Analytical Service labs. These analyses cover qualitative DNA screening methods as well as highly accurate and specific GMO impurity quantifications, by DNA detection, in various food and feed samples, e.g. bulk grain and finished food samples.

Rapid test methods such as AgraStrip® GMO TraitChek™ strip tests are available on the GMO testing market for quick test results. These Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests are on-site tests designed for field use but can be applied in laboratories, too. The quick qualitative detection of the GM proteins found in raw food and feed commodities is essential for key decision points within the food and feed supply chain. These strip tests can be analyzed and result in a semiquantitative GMO impurity level found in bulk grain samples in conjunction with an AgraVision Reader.

AgraStrip® GMO TraitChek product overview:

Item No.ProductNo. of TestsQualitativeSemi-
7000011AgraStrip® RUR-HS Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000014AgraStrip® RUR Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000017AgraStrip® RUR Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000021AgraStrip® CspB Bulk Seed 100 Yes
7000022AgraStrip® CspB Seed and Leaf 100 Yes
7000025AgraStrip® Cry1Ab Bulk Grain100Yes
7000026AgraStrip® Cry1Ab Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000028AgraStrip® Cry1F Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000041AgraStrip® Cry3bb Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000042AgraStrip® Cry3Bb Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000043AgraStrip® LL Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000044AgraStrip® Cry1Ab/LL Bulk Grain Combo100Yes
7000045AgraStrip® LL Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000048AgraStrip® LL Bulk Grain for Rice100Yes
7000053AgraStrip® Cry1F Bulk Grain (water extract)100YesYes
7000054AgraStrip® Triple Trait Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000055AgraStrip® Cry34Ab1 Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000070AgraStrip® Cry1Ac Seed and Leaf 100 Yes
7000071AgraStrip® Cry1Ac Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000092AgraStrip® Vip Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000093AgraStrip® Vip Bulk Grain100YesYes
7000094AgraStrip® Cry 2Ab Seed and Leaf100Yes
7000097AgraStrip® eCry 3.1 Ab Bulk Grain TraitChek100Yes
7000098AgraStrip® eCry 3.1 Seed & Leaf TraitChek100 Yes
7120050AgraStrip® RUR Toasted Meal100Yes
7806000AgraStrip® Triple Trait Bulk Grain100Yes
7806100AgraStrip® Triple Trait Seed and Leaf Comb50Yes
7880611AgraStrip® Corn Comb w/VIP3A20Yes
7880621AgraStrip® Semi quantitative Corn Comb20YesYes
7880622AgraStrip® Semi quantitative 4 Strip Corn Comb 20 Yes Yes
7880623AgraStrip® Soy Comb20Yes
Detailed Product Information on AgraStrip® GMO Tests AgraStrip ® GMO SeedChek product overview:
Item No.ProductTraitNo. of Tests
3000007AgraStrip® Cry2AbBt-Cry 2Ab50
3000091AgraStrip® EPSPSEPSPS (Event GA21)50
3000094AgraStrip® Cry1AcBt-Cry1Ac50
7000052AgraStrip® PMIPMI50
7800010AgraStrip® RURCP4 EPSPS50
7800011AgraStrip® Cry3BbBt-Cry3Bb50
7800012AgraStrip® Cry34Ab1Bt-Cry34Ab150
7800013AgraStrip® RUR-HSCP4 EPSPS50
7800014AgraStrip® Triple TraitCP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry3Bb50
7800015AgraStrip® Cry 1F (water extract) - cornBt-Cry1F50
7800016AgraStrip® VipVip3A50
7800017AgraStrip® Cry 1AbBt-Cry1Ab50
7800018AgraStrip® Cry1F (buffer extract) - cornBt-Cry1F50
7800019AgraStrip® LLPAT50
7800021AgraStrip® CspBCspB50
7800022AgraStrip® eCry 3AbeCry 3Ab50
7802000AgraStrip® BtkBt-Cry1Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac50
7803000AgraStrip® BRCP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry1Ac50
7805000AgraStrip® B2RCP4 EPSPS, Bt-Cry2Ab, Bt-Cry1Ac50

AgraQuant® GMO ELISA product overview:

If a rapid GMO test result is needed AgraQuant® GMO ELISA kits will deliver quantitative results within a few hours. An ELISA reader, such as the StatFax® or Chromate Reader® is applied to quantify the test kit’s results.

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