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Romer Labs® mills are specifically designed for use in sample preparation for mycotoxin analysis, and can be used for a variety of grinding applications, including moisture, proteins, fats, fiber and pesticide analyses. Both Romer Labs® mills are easy to clean and the moving parts are easy to access.

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More information on sampling procedures for mycotoxin analysis

RAS® (Romer Analytical Sampling) Mill
Grinding/subsampling mills have always fallen short in terms of being able to grind more than corn or wheat until now. The RAS® Mill1 has been specifically developed for products that are difficult to grind due to high moisture and/or high oil content. Among these products are cottonseed, tree nuts and pistachios.A 2 lb. (1 kg) sample of corn can be ground and subsampled in 1 minute. Special features include the availability of two unique chute options (to allow more rapid and accurate grinding and sampling), interchangeable grinding burrs, and power drive screws to allow the grinding of practically any product. The moving parts are made of stainless steel and flashed chrome for food safety analyses. The RAS® Mill1 is ideal for use in all labs where grinding and subsampling is essential, from pesticides to mycotoxins, moisture and proteins.
Romer Series II® Mill

The patented Romer Series II® Mill1 can prepare a representative sample quickly and easily. A 2 lb. (1 kg) sample of corn can be ground and subsampled in as little as 1 to 2 minutes. This mill simultaneously grinds and splits your samples. This is the only mill available that combines these two steps into one piece of equipment. The Series II® Mill1 is used mainly for grains, feeds and foods.

1AOAC Official Method, USDA/GIPSA referenced, UNECE Standard, FAO recommended, OECD recommended

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