STF3 - Echipament sigilare tuburi

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STF3 - Tube sealer / Echipament sigilare tuburi

Tube Sealer model STF3
The STF3 is heat-welding tube sealer to use the seal tubes
with fixed angle rotors, vertical rotors and neo angle rotors.
Simple & Easy Operation
1. Set seal tubes in the appropriate tube rack then set the tube
rack on the rack guide of the STF3.
2. Adjust position of the tube rack in order the tube inlet comes
under a heater of the STF3.
3. Pull the handle down to contact the heater the tube inlet and
hold the handle for 1 to 2 seconds. Then pull the handle down
to the end and wait until the HEAT Lamp goes off.
(It takes about 40 seconds.)
CE Marking is qualified.
HEAT Lamp indicates the status of the heater.
Tube racks are compatible with our former model STF2.
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