Ultracentrifuge CP-NX Series

Ultracentrifuge CP-NX Series

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Truly User-friendly Design

  • LED Indicator - Operating status is at a glance

LED Indicator of 47cm length is mounted in a front of the table. The LED indicator shows the operating status by different colors, luminous patterns and levels of brightness. You can select a color of LED Indicator from 7 colors and light-off, level of brightness (3 levels) and luminous pattern (lighting, slow blinking, fast blinking, fading : 4 patterns) for each status (stop, acceleration, running at set speed, deceleration, vacuum holding, in economy mode, acceleration in Zonal mode, deceleration in Zonal mode, Alert status). So operating status is at a glance with the LED Indicator now.

 Good Design Award 2014

  • Touch-sensitive LCD panel with ineligible screen design

The control panel, 6.5-inch size touch-sensitive color LCD panel, is located in a front part of the machine. You do not need to stretch your arm to operate the centrifuge.

The intelligible screen designs, such as a wide indication of basic parameters, many icons for selecting function, folder colors with each symbol for program management, offers user-friendly operation, like operating a smart phone, to all users.

  • Low table height with smooth sliding door for easy loading / unloading the rotor

The table height of the CP-NX is 836mm. The low table height enables users to load / unload the rotor easier. The rotor is automatically locked by the centrifugal force once the rotation is started by the "self-locking rotor system". So it is not necessary to fix the rotor by screwing the rotor onto the drive shaft or push the button to lock/unlock the rotor any more. In addition, the improved door structure design based on the latest structure analysis technology made the door thickness 5 mm thinner than the one of our former model. The lighter door offers the same safety as the before and makes door-sliding movement (back and forth) smoother than before.

Max. speed100,000 rpm90,000 rpm80,000 rpm
Max. RCF803,000 xg700,000 xg615,000 xg
Maximum Capacity230 x 6 *230 x 6 *230 x 6 *

* ml x number of samples

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