Odyssey® Fc Dual-Mode Imaging System

Odyssey® Fc Dual-Mode Imaging System

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Odyssey® Fc

Dual-Mode Western Imaging At Its Best. The Standard for Western Blot Technology

  • Better.

    High sensitivity for chemiluminescence and quantitative near-infrared fluorescence detection

  • Faster.

    One-button image acquisition removes the guesswork of multiple exposures

  • Lower Cost.

    No film and no hazardous waste with this economical laser-based system

  • IQ/OQ System Validation available for the Odyssey Fc
    Image Field Size:
    10 cm x 12 cm
    CCD Pixel Size:
    6.45 microns
    Dynamic Range:
    22 bit (>6 logs)
    Depth of Field for Best Sample Focus:
    6 mm
    Patented FieldBrite™ XT2Technology:
    CV <3% across field
    Laser Lifetime:
    20,000 hours of operation
    700 Channel Laser Source:
    Solid-state Laser Diode at 685 nm
    800 Channel Laser Source:
    Solid-state Laser Diode at 785 nm
    Light Source:
    600 nm diffused light source
    Operation Specifications
    Operating Conditions:
    For indoor use only; operating temperature 15-35 °C and dewpoint < 22 °C, non-condensing; maximum operating temperature may be reduced at elevations above 2000 m.
    Power Requirements:
Universal input between 100-127 VAC (4 Amp) and 200-240 VAC (2 Amp); 50-60 Hz. Voltage fluctuations not to exceed 10% of the nominal voltage. Insulation Category II.
Size and Weight
    Dimensions (instrument only):
    41.4 cm W x 47 cm D x 67.3 cm H (16.3" W x 18.5" D x 26.5" H). Depth with imaging drawer open is 59.7 cm (23.5").
    27 kg (60 lb)
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