Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System

Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System

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The Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System

Quantitative Westerns and ICW Analysis using a convenient plate reading format. The Standard for Western Blot Technology

The Odyssey® Sa Infrared Imaging System offers two-channel infrared detection with the same sensitivity and broad dynamic range as the more versatile Odyssey CLx or Classic Infrared Imaging System but at a lower price. The Odyssey Sa can be used for both quantitative Western blots and plate-based assays such as the In-Cell Western™ Assay. IQ/OQ System Validation is now available for the Odyssey Sa.

The Odyssey Sa is compatible with the optional BioTek® BioStack™ Automated Microplate Stacking System in either 30- or 50-plate configurations when run with the Odyssey Sa Express software for automated plate readout.

In addition to automated plate reading, the Odyssey Sa can be configured to work with the barcode reader accessory. This accessory is fully compatible with the Odyssey Sa and Sa Express Application Software and can read most common bar code symbologies.

LI-COR offers a variety of packages for the Odyssey Sa Infrared Imaging System. Select the optimal configuration for your laboratory's research needs.

    Laser Lifetime:
    40,000 working hours typical
    700 Channel Laser Source:
    Solid-state diode laser at 685 nm
    800 Channel Laser Source:
    Solid-state diode laser at 785 nm
    Silicon avalanche photodiodes
    Scanning Speed:
    6 minutes with 100 µm resolution
    20 - 500 µm
    Focusing Range:
    0 - 3.95 mm (suitable for focusing through the bottom of compatible microplates with transparent, flat-bottom wells.)
    Operation Specifications
    Operating Conditions:
    15-35 °C and dew point no greater than 20 °C
    Power Requirements:
    Automatic voltage selection at 90-250 VAC and 47-63 Hz; 1.1 Amps at 120 V; 200 W maximum
    Data Storage Capacity:
Internal hard drive (files also stored on computer)
    Size and Weight
    Dimensions (instrument only):
    36 h x 45 w 57 d cm (14 x 18 x 22 inches)
24 kg (53 lbs)
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